Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Laguna Beach Property Manager is your comprehensive solution for all aspects of property management,
serving Laguna Beach & the Surrounding Coastal Cities of Orange County, California

Preparing Your Property for Tenancy

Our skilled construction crew, licensed by the state of California, is ready to tackle any repairs or remodeling needed to make your property showcase-ready. Beyond initial preparations, we prioritize ongoing maintenance to keep your property compliant with California occupancy requirements.

Finding a Qualified Tenant

Understanding the significance of full occupancy, we take advertising seriously. From listing on the appropriate MLS to installing signage, distributing flyers, and running print ads, we leave no stone unturned.

Screening Your Prospective Tenant

Our impeccable record in successful tenancies is a result of a rigorous screening process. We delve into the prospective tenant’s credit history, conduct background and criminal checks, and verify income and assets before presenting them for your review.

Negotiating Terms

With over 30 years of negotiation expertise, we work diligently to secure terms that benefit both you and your tenant, fostering a successful tenancy.

Maintaining Your Property

Equipped with a licensed construction company and a dependable crew, we stay ahead of all your property’s needs. From routine maintenance to major repairs or remodels, we are committed to swift action and ensuring the property is well-maintained, even during periods of vacancy.

Collecting Rent and Paying Bills

Our services extend to collecting rent, paying bills, and disbursing funds into your account monthly. You’ll receive copies of all paid invoices and a full account activity report at the end of every month.


We provide transparent monthly and annual accounting reports, detailing all financial activities related to your property’s management throughout the year.

If you have any questions or would like to explore our Property Management Services further,
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